Behind Chic N' Casual


My name is Gloribel and the person behind Chic N' Casual. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, and currently residing in St. Pete Beach, FL.

I created Chic N' Casual in 2020, after working for more than 27 years in the private industry. Back then, I discovered that I wanted to start my own business and create something for myself, something that I loved.

I have always loved jewelry. I wear it even when I'm at home. I believe that jewelry has the power to transform a simple look into an elegant one. It transforms everything, including the way you feel, and your attitude, it gives you confidence.

My mission with Chic N' Casual is not only to provide you with fashionable, high-quality, and affordable jewelry, but more importantly for me, is that you feel good about yourself, powerful, and confident when wearing your jewelry. I think that is amazing and it's a good feeling.

With love,

Creator and CEO of Chic N' Casual

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